ISAN 2015: First International Joint Meeting ISAN - AAS - EFAS - JSNR 2015

Welcome to Stresa, Italy, for ISAN 2015. Call for Symposia: June 2014

The 2015 congress of the society was held in Stresa, Italy, from 26th-29th September, 2015. This meeting was jointly with the American Autonomic Society, the European Federation of Autonomic Societies and Japan Society of Neurovegetative Research. The abstracts were published in the society's journal, Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical.

Both the Local Organizing and International Program committees were agreed between the participating societies and will consist of:

Local Organizing Committee

Raffaello Furlan, University of Milan

Matteo Cerri, University of Bologna

Stefano Guzzetti, University of Milan

Ferdinando Iellamo, University of Rome-Tor Vergata

Andrea Sgoifo, University of Parma

Alberto Porta, University of Milan

Alessandro Silvani, University of Bologna

Eleonora Tobaldini, University of Milan (scientific secretary)

International Programming Committee

Chair: Ann Goodchild (Australia)

Chair of LOC: Nicola Montano (Italy)

ISAN Representatives

Bruno Bonaz (France)

Beth Habecker (USA)

Satoshi Iwase (Japan)

Christina Nassenstein (Germany)

Kevin Shoemaker (Canada)

Ana Takakura (Brazil)

AAS Representatives

Victoria Claydon (Canada)

Greg Fink (USA)

EFAS Representatives

Jens Jordan (Germany)

Jean-Michel Senard (France)

JSNR Representatives

Masato Asahina (Japan)

Sae Uchida (Japan)

For an archive of the 2015 meeting site see: webarchive.